We caught up with with Deon Dane

We caught up with with Deon Dane

We caught up with the lovely Harriet, the woman behind the latest label to land at we-love Deon Dane to find out a little more about her and the driving force behind the sustainable watch label. Here’s what Harriet had to say


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Tell us what inspired Deon Dane? and what was the drive behind creating a label that is sustainably produced?

I’ve always been in to fashion, and in particular fashion accessories. Deon Dane is an opportunity to use my past experience as a buyer, and apply this to creating something stylish, yet affordable.

While there seem to be so many watch brands popping up, they often seem very similar in design. Deon Dane are the only brand using kangaroo leather straps, and we source all this leather from sustainable sources. Kangaroos are not farmed but are harvested in the wild from a huge self-replenishing population. The leather is a recycled by product that would otherwise end up as waste. Not only has this let us create a sustainable watch brand, it is also the lightest and strongest leather available. Making Deon Dane watches both comfortable and durable.

How do you manage to find a happy medium between style, ethics and sustainability?

Style, ethics and sustainability are at the heart of the Deon Dane brand! It is often hard to combine all these factors, while producing something that is affordable and trendy. We feel we have found a great balance with Deon Dane watches – producing minimal and everyday watch faces, and using sustainable kangaroo leather for all our watch straps.

Being minimally designed, the styles we have created are the perfect accessory for day and night, and pair well with just about any outfit. Our watches are also unisex style, and are all reasonably priced.

Anything exciting in the works you’re able to share with us?

Yes! We would love to share that we will be launching a range of new Deon Dane styles the end of this year – just in time for Christmas. These new styles stick with the Deon Dane focus on minimal, everyday cool style; and will of course include our sustainable kangaroo leather straps.

These new styles will be available for pre-sale late October, and available online and hopefully in many stores across Australia (and worldwide) by the end of the year. We love these new styles, and we hope everyone else will too.


What is the biggest change you would like to see in the fashion industry?

I think the only change or improvement I would like to see is more brands focused on ethics and sustainability, and not just on profit. I don’t believe ethics needs to be forfeited in order to create fashion. I think there has been a massive shift towards ‘ethical fashion’ as customers become more interested and concerned with how their fashion is created, which is great to see.

What’s your go to outfit/style?

For me, my style is very casual – being based near the beach in Sydney I can often be spotted down at Bondi in shorts or denim, a comfy tee and of course sporting a Deon Dane watch (I am currently wearing The White Marble – one of my favourite designs!). I believe in minimal comfort, with one or two statement accessories.

What’s your favourite watch in the collection at the moment?

Hard questions as I love all our watches! As I said, I am currently wearing The White Marble as this watch literally goes with everything, and easily translates from day to night. I am also totally in love with one of our new styles where each watch has its very own unique Turtle Shell print. And I can’t go past our Brushed Silver watch with Tan strap.


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What is your vision for your business?

I would love for Deon Dane to become the go to brand for the style conscious consumer after a quality ‘designer’ watch that is still affordable. I’d also like for our watches to be known for their focus on sustainability, and to hopefully become recognised around the world as the minimal and everyday cool Australian brand.

Lastly, tell us something goofy no-one knows about you?

I am pretty much always calm and a very positive person, but I cannot stand whistling! I have no idea why, but the noise drives me crazy. I think anyone who whistles next to me finds out quick enough though 😊

A love project.

We dash love is a love project, our end game and the dream job. It’s what I picture myself still doing in years to come when I live on a small country farm in Tasmania with lots of animals and growing our own food. We don’t live in Tasmania yet, we actually live in Melbourne, basically the polar opposite of Tasmania but it’s all part of our journey.

We dash love is run by myself (Ash- Photo below. Please note: I largely dislike photos hence why my head is turned away from the camera) and my partner Gregory, part time creative, fulltime minion. Along with running We dash love we both study in fields that will help us grow our love project. I study photography and Gregory studies graphic design.

I grew up with my Nan and Pop on a large deer farm west of Coffs Harbour, NSW. My childhood consisted of making clothing with my nan, dreaming about the amazing fashion designer I’d grow up to be, selling my handmade mud pies to imaginary friends (because my real ones lived too far away) and bottle feeding baby deers in the kitchen while watching them slip on the titles, really, just like the movie Bambi!

I decided at 20, when all of my friends were travelling the world that it was a brilliant idea to do a short course in small business and open my own clothing store (for the record, I do not recommend taking a short course in business and then opening a business). I’d never worked in retail or worked in a managerial role. I decided I wanted to make my business ‘destination’ so I added a cafe, art gallery, found a huge space and went for it. Conceptually, it was pretty good. We stocked emerging Australian designer labels not for their ethics or sustainability because i hadn’t really thought about that yet; instead, for their craftsmanship, use of quality fabrics and on shore production.

After almost 2 years, working 7 days a week, i made the really tough decision to shut the doors. I realised I was no where near ready to take on such a mammoth task single handedly. At the time I felt like I failed but now view it as one of my greatest accomplishments. There is no greater experience than actually experiencing something firsthand. It was a great foot in the door, I went on to work for huge fashion labels more determined than ever to get everything i could out of it to one day do it all again.

My time working for these larger brands was when I came to understand ethics and sustainability or in this case lack there of. Many questions were raised but no answers accessible. Eventually I lost respect for the brands I’d once loved. I quit my job and started planning We dash love.

We don’t have a degree in sustainability or a masters in saving the world, we are simply customers who love fashion and are looking for better options, options that create change in one of the most destructive industries in the world. We want to share with you what we have found along the way.