About us

Our aim is simple:

We want to deliver sustainable and fair trade fashion to all.

We are the conscience minded. We care about our planet. We care about its people. We are fed up with accepting the status quo. We are tired of accepting fast fashion that’s mass produced, without thinking about how it impacts the environment or the people who made it. We support the new generation of intelligent consumerism and we choose fair trade over fast trade.

We want people to start giving a sh*t about our planet and its people, and we believe choosing ethical and sustainable fashion that is beautiful, minimalist and trans-seasonal is an easy way to show your love.

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Never stop asking

We don’t accept products that are cheap. Why? Because there’s a reason it’s so cheap. That’s why we’ve asked the hard questions so you don’t have to, like: who made it? What were they paid? What impact did its production have on the people, the animals and our environment? A $15 t-shirt might seem like a bargain, and honestly, it is a bargain. But at what detrimental cost are you purchasing that cheap t-shirt that won’t last a season? After years working in the Australian fashion industry, the team at We dash love found ourselves selling things we didn’t believe in. The more we came to understand where our fashion was coming from, the harder it became to support and work with brands that didn’t question the obvious issues with the systems they used. We couldn’t ignore it any longer. Because we never stopped asking why, we’ve now created an online fashion store that supports ethical fashion brands who value sustainable practices and don’t blindly accept a broken system.

Fight for a sustainable future

We are only at the start of our journey, but we want to share with you what we’ve found so far. We aren’t experts, but we’ve done our research and have found ethical and sustainable fashion, homewares, jewellery and more that we hope as a conscience citizen of the world, you’ll love. Every day we are growing and learning, but the one thing we will never do is give up our fight for a sustainable future – a more ethical and fair future for all. We don’t want to miss out on enjoying our love for fashion. But we don’t need to miss out. We just need to change the way we think and who we support.

All our wrapping paper, boxes and other materials in our packaging are made from 100% recycled goods. We also use 100% recycled paper for all of our printing, and we use eco-stationary and fair business practices at our office. Our tags and business cards are all made from 100% recycled paper from our chosen sustainable printing company, which use environmentally responsible methods of printing. And, by choosing to wear ethical fashion from WE-LOVE, you’ll be helping us support amazing organisations. Every month we donate 5% of our sales to charities close to our heart.